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One (1) case of 20 20x20 tacky intake filters for paint spray booths.


Tacky Intake filters with internal metal support ring. Multiple layer particulate holding design allows unsurpassed loading and efficiency on shop dust while maintaining low resistance. Dry open layer on inlet for large dust, coupled with tacky layer on air leaving side, to catch the fine particles.  Your booth will move clean air and keep particle contamination in check. Light color promotes greater light reflection inside paint booth promoting better color match. Dark Blue and Dark Red panels can make the booth interior darker and are also difficult to determine when they are dirty causing particle "slough" and contamination in your finish. Go Light Green!


 These filters can be enhanced by using our inexpensive poly pads as a pre-filter to trap even more large shop dirt extending the life of these critical filters.


Typically used as Crossdraft intake filters in doors, Overhead air filters in Semi-downdraft booths, and outside fresh air burner filters for heated booths.


These  Ring Panel filters are routinely placed in tandem with our Poly Pad pre-filter offered in another listing. The tandem configuration allows an inexpensive pre-filter pad to be placed in front of this ring panel to improve efficiency, dust holding capacity, and service life.


You may want to consider our pad holding grids to provide support for the pre-filter pad.

By itself, these ring panels are self supporting with internal wire frames.


Made in the USA.

Paint Spray Booth Filters 20x20 Tacky Intake Filters 20/Case

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