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One (1) set of 10 20x20 Steel Grid Paint Spray Booth Filter Holders. 100% sturdy welded steel construction.


 Rubber compression tips retain the pad holding grid securely in the spray booth exhaust housing. The grid uses a unique angle prong that allows you to simply position the pad and press it in place. The pad is impaled and it is secure while the filter loads with overspray. Once saturated, the pad is simply peeled away from the holding grid.  These new grids are a heavier gauge and the prongs that impale the filter are at the top and bottom of the grid.


This grid will hold fiberglass filter pads, polyester filter pads, and expanded paper filter pads. Sales tax applied to this purchase when applicable.

Made in the USA.

Paint Spray Booth Filter Holder 20x20 Steel Grid (10/set)

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