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One (1) 50 foot roll for Paint Spray Booth Door Seal. 


"Dirt....Dirt.... Dirt... it's driving me crazy.......we either have to cut and buff everything we do, or repaint it all together!" Sounds familiar doesn't it? If the door seals on your paint booth have seen better days, this may be the answer to an improvement in booth cleanliness. This door seal roll has a generous 50 feet of adhesive backed solvent resistant foam. The extra thick 3/4" x 3/4" material has good compression features that permit a positive seal while keepng the doors in proper alignment.


Usually the foam you find at the hardware store is either too thin,too thick, too hard or just won't compress properly. In harsh environments regular foam just won't hold up.


Installation is simple. Just scrape your old material off the door frame and clean the surface. Our door seal roll is applied by simply peeling the protective paper layer from the adhesive side and pressing the new seal in place. You'll get your best results if the door seal is placed on the door frame.


The door can be compressed against the foam seal and latched with ease.


This seal can be used on either the product entry doors or the personnel door.To determine how many feet of seal material you need, take the total running feet of the door frame ( example 8' high +10' wide +8'high = 26 feet) . Then add to that the same thing on the personnel door. ( example 7' high + 3' Wide + 7' High = 17 feet) Most automotive booths are able to be done with one roll.


Made in the USA.

Paint Spray Booth Door Seal Roll

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