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One (1) case of 20x20 Paint Spray Booth Intake Filter Pads.


20x20x1 Polyester Paint Spray Booth Intake Filter.  20 Filters /Case.  This filter is the perfect choice for shop owners that have a high dust load and need an economical alternative to the expensive intake filters with internal wire grids. This versatile 1" thick polyester intake filter has multiple stages of dust collecting capability.


Stage 1 is a blend of 15 and 6 denier fibers that are air laid to allow an open mesh for the largest particle to build upon.


Stage 2 the density of those same fibers is increased to catch even smaller dust particles.

Stage 3 the fibers are treated with a special "tacky" non migrating adhesive that catches the very small particles and holds them in place.


These pads can be installed on our pad holding grids found at our Ebay Store location or you can use common wire cloth to back this filter. You can even leave your current poly ring panel in place and use this as an economical disposable face sheet that extends the life of your ring panel at less than one half it's cost!


With the polyester "ring panel" style filters selling for more than $6.00 each to your door, these filters have the same 1" thickness and tacky adhesive without the extra cost of the wire inner ring. Additionally, our product is friendlier to the environment since you're not throwing a metal wire in the landfill with each change. *


*( Here's a tip for conservation conscious customers...Before you throw out your used polyester ring panel intake filter, simply cut the metal ring out of it to recycle or to use with our economical Intake Filter Pad. The old ring makes a perfect pad retainer to hold our pad on the face of your new ring panel for economical extended life)

Made in America.

Paint Spray Booth 20x20 Tacky Intake Filter Pad 20/Case

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