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Includes 20 Intake Filters and 100 20x20 Exhaust Filters. This is the perfect filter set for shops replacing filters routinely, building their own booth, renovating an old booth, or updating current equipment.


These tacky filters have multiple layer particulate holding design allows unsurpassed loading and efficiency on shop dust while maintaining low resistance. Your booth will move clean air and keep particle contamination in check. These filters can be enhanced by using our inexpensive poly pads as a pre-filter to trap large shop dirt extending the life of these critical filters.


These filters have been tested and comply with NESHAP 40 CFR63 HHHHHH and Underwriters Laboratory UL Class II. 


These are accompanied by a performance report from a certified U.S. Testing Facility keeping your shop in compliance with most air quality emmissions requirements.


Made in the USA.

Paint Spray Booth 20x20 Intake and Exhaust Filter Set

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