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One (1) case of 100 20x20x2 Exhaust 15G Paint Booth Filters. 


These filters have been tested and comply with NESHAP 40 CFR63 HHHHHH and Underwriters Laboratory UL Class II. 


WARNING!  Cheap products dumped in America are not compliant. Demand a performance report for products from a certified U.S. Testing Facility.  Support American business!

Although everyone's filters appear to be the same as ours, there's no comparison. Our product has earned your seal of approval. Check the credentials in this category. Don't let a false description and cheaper price cause you to buy non compliant products. The EPA can assess fines, business interruption , or jail for non compliant shops. If you want the best, and a certificate of compliance on every box, buy Filtersource 20"x20"x2.0" Standard Grade Paint Spraybooth Exhaust Filter Pads. They have a defined backing layer for support and final filtration.


Filter colors may vary and color does not effect the filtration performance of our product

Progressive Density featuring a 2.0" open face layer for maximum depth loading of paint overspray graduating to a final layer of high density glass fiber for product rigidity and unequaled strength. Referred to as "skin", this backing enhances the efficiency of the filter to keep emissions of solids to a minimum. This assures a clean fan and discharge stack. The 15 gram construction provides ample fibers to arrest paint particles. This product has an  efficiency of 98%+  that meets the requirements of NESHAP 40CFR63 HHHHHH as reqired by the EPA.


These standard glass fiber exhaust filters are compression packaged to minimize shipping cost and reduce storage space.


Made in the USA.

Paint Booth Filters 20x20x2 Exhaust 15Gr 100/Case NESHAP 6H

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