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20 20x20x1 Paint Booth Filter Super PaintGuard filters. Good for Water, Powder, and Solvent bases. 


20x20 x1 High Efficiency Synthetic Paint Overspray Filter. 


Our Super PaintGuard arrestor filter was designed to improve paint over spray collection efficiency while providing a rigid pad capable of standing up to the heaviest over spray loading. Waterborne paints have a longer retention of their water carrier causing increased weight transferred from the spray gun to the filter pad. In some situations, paper, fiberglass, and light density polyester filter pads can fold or sag causing by-pass of the paint particles into your duct work and fans. It's so rigid, it doesn't need the expensive netting used on the diamond faced pads. You save!


If you're a powder shop, Super PaintGuard is a great initial filter to collect your paint solids.

Super PaintGuard is designed to provide efficiency levels that exceed the NESHAP-6H requirements. (99.71% Permaclad High Solids)

Made in America.

Paint Booth Filter Super PaintGuard 20x20x1, 20 per Case

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