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One (1) case of 10 20x20x1/2Paint Booth Carbon Odor VOC Adsorption Filters. 


20x20 Activated Carbon Adsorption Pads. Comes(10/Case). 1/2" thick gives more capture than the 1/4" variety. Notice the fine granules of activated carbon held in the poly fiber web!This product is designed to absorb the evaporated solvents from your painting operation. Premium Coconut shell carbon is bonded to a support matrix of nonwoven synthetic fibers for excellent durability and dust free operation. Activated carbon is a remarkable natural "sponge" for volatiles and other evaporated solvents. One ounce of activated carbon has the equivalent surface area of a football field!Simply place this adsorption pad in the discharge air stream and it begins to scrub the air at a molecular level.


This pad is not designed for paint overspray removal. It works best in tandem with a Paint Arrestor Filter pad. These pads will mount on our pad holding grids found in another location within our Ebay Store.


Made in the USA.

Paint Booth Carbon Odor VOC Adsorption Filters 20x20x 1/2" Double carbon 10 pack

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