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Four Paint Booth Blowtherm GFS AMU Burner Pocket Bags Economy Grade.


Pocket style bag filter for Blowtherm Ultra, BT1200, and GFS booth and prep air make-up units with cure and recirculation.  23.25" x 47" frames.  Check your application.  This is a no return item.


Blowtherm GFS style Pocket bag filter with "Deep Pockets" technology. This filter is used to filter both fresh air coming to the AMU and discharge exhaust air and re-circulation air on booths with that feature.


Made with both an inner steel frame that retains the polyester filter media, and an outer steel frame that gives superior rigidity, this filter gives over 99% particle efficiency. That protects your equipment, prolongs diffusion (ceiling) filter life, and scrubs discharge air to atmosphere.


Deep Pockets technology allows the air to flow at the maximum rate. Pocket spacing that is too close can cause restricted airflow and inefficient utilization of the filter media. With deep Pockets, there's unrestricted airflow leaving the pocket. Everyone knows that with today's waterborne paints, airflow volume and velocity is the key to drying and production efficiency.


The outer frame measures 23.25" x 47" for an easy installation into the AMU filter slide track. On start-up the pockets extend to 10" deep and align perfectly to maximize air flow.
The Economy Series filter uses Blue and white High loft synthetic filter media that bonds the fibers in a matrix that gives uniform over spray and contaminant particle collection.


We recommend the economy series to be used in booths with 7.5-10 horsepower fans flowing 8,000-10,000 cfm.


This product is packaged four (4) filters per case. Some booths only use two at a time, others use four.  Buying four at a time reduces your shipping cost per filter because a box with two costs the same as a box with four. 



Made in America.

4 Pack of Paint Booth Filter Blowtherm GFS AMU Burner Pocket Bags Economy Grade

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